Monday, 24 September 2012

What is transformations

In the previous post we have discussed about word problem solver free and In today's session we are going to discuss about What is transformations.
If we move any shape in any direction then after every rotation we get its original position is said to be transformation. Now we will see some properties based on Transformations. Properties of transformation are given below.
1.    Projective properties
2.    Affine properties
3.    Metric properties
4.    Affine geometry
5.    Projective geometry
Now we will see theorem based on transformation. Theorem of transformation is given below:
Theorem of ceva for concurrent lines;
Theorem of Menelaus for collinear points;
Theorem of pappus – pascal;
And theorem of Desargues;
Now we will discuss the concept of coordinate transformation.
As we know that the Cartesian coordinates system is fully defined by its origin and vectors along x-axis and y-axis.
Let we take first origin ‘O’ and unit vector OX1 and OX2 and we take a point ‘N’ which has coordinates (a, b) relative to that coordinate system.
Then we have new coordinates with the origin O’ and unit vectors OX1 and OX2 and point ‘N’ has coordinates (a', b') that is related to the new coordinate system.
Then the transformation formula between (a, b) and (a', b')
ON= OO' + O'M
 N = O' + a’ O'N1' + b' O'N2'
N = O' + a'(N1' - O') + b' (P2' - O')
With coordinates this will becomes
(a, b) = (ao, bo) + a'((s1, t1) - (ao, bo)) + b'((s2, t2) - (ao, bo))
a = bo + (s1 - ao) a' + (s2 - ao) a'
b = bo + (s1 - bo) a' + (t2 - bo) a'
 With matrix notation this becomes
[a]   [(s1 - ao) (s2 - ao)] [a']   [ao]
=   +[a]   [(t1 - ao) (t2 - ao)] [a']   [ao]
This is all about transformation.
Now we will see How to Find Volume of a Cylinder. Volume of cylinder is given as:
Volume = pi * r2 * h. icse syllabus can be downloaded from many websites.  

Thursday, 20 September 2012

word problem solver free

 In the previous post we have discussed about Free Math Help and In today's session we are going to discuss about word problem solver free.

Solving a word problem is itself an art. For this we need to learn the tips and tricks so that the concept is cleared before we proceed to solve the given problem. Problem solving is not at all possible until the  child completely understands the problem. We are going to discuss here the different types of the key words which usually appear in the word problems and then the methods used to solve the  problems and followed. Here we will discuss some of them:
1.       If in the problem we come across the words like  Add, Join, Join together, Combine, Bring together,  Sum, Added to , In All etc, then we observe that the figures given in the word problem are to be added to get the result.
2.       If we find the words like reduced, Subtracted, decreased,  less etc, then we say that the  result can be attained by  finding the  difference between the two figures.
3.        Repeated addition means subtraction, so when we  come across the problems, where we have to  proceed for finding the value which is based on repeated addition, then we will multiply the given terms.
4.        On the other hand we say that the division means the repeated subtraction, so when we have the problems such that the  value for more terms are given and the unit value is to be calculated, then we say we need to perform the operation of division in the given problem.
We have word problem solver free, which is available online , it supports the learners to understand the methods of solving the given problems and to get the solution. We can take the help of online tutors to know about Lewis Base. Also iit jee syllabus is available online to understand more about the contents to be prepared for the upcoming exam. 

Free Math Help

Students are scared of mathematics and thus they usually run away from the subject. In order to get rid of the problem and to create the interest of upcoming generation, certain innovative methods of teaching the subjects are used. It involves the introduction of different teaching aids along with manipulative methods, which help to make the concept more clear and thus develops the interest of students in the subject.
In this context, math labs are introduced in schools, where the students get hands on exposure to the formulas and the theorems. This makes the teaching learning of math subject easy, fast and improves the understanding concept of the students. Further this method also helps to relate the real life problems of the subject with formulas. This solves the basic objective of teaching learning process. Children come up with different innovative ideas and thus their logical thinking concepts are developed.
Further Internet has also helped in making teaching and learning of mathematics easy. Online math tutor provides the online help to the students when ever and where ever required. This Free Math Help, supports the students to understand the subject and helps to get the solution to the problems when student is stuck up somewhere. These online tutors are helpful to the students when they need the support to get the solution of the problems. There are several online math tutors available for guiding the students time to time. To study about the Lewis Acid, we can take the online help to know its composition and uses.
Also to get the icse syllabus 2013, for different subjects, we can visit the website of icse and download all the necessary contents as per our requirement for preparation. In the next session we will discuss about word problem solver free

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

free math tutor online chat

In the previous post we have discussed about free online tutoring chat and In today's session we are going to discuss about free math tutor online chat.

We usually find students who do not feel comfortable with study of mathematics and run away from the subject. Teachings of mathematics need to be made more interesting and innovative, for this we find online math tutors play a major role. They have enhanced the method of solving mathematical problems in very clear and easy way. A child once understand the concept, it becomes easy for him to relate the solution with real life and its application in daily life. For this we make use of free math tutor online chat.
With help of math online tutor, a child is always provided with online support to guide him for his problems. He feels free to ask questions any number of times and is provided with well explained solution. All the related queries are satisfied and are explained by the tutor which is available online.
Different companies provide online chat support with subject experts for 24 hours. Only requirement is that a child must have a Personal computer along with an internet connection. Also the child must be friendly to operate the computer system. By Online Chat a student can get the individual attention and can ask the problems individually for any number of times without any hesitation. Thus it gives a full time support in academic development of child.
We can say that online tutor is a boom for students of this generation. Information technology has supported the education system up to the extent that at times students start feeling like having online education instead of going to school.
To learn about Physical and Chemical Changes, which is in the cbse syllabus for class 10, can be studied online too.

free online tutoring chat

In the previous post we have discussed about free online tutoring chat and In today's session we are going to discuss about free online tutoring chat.

In order to learn different topics of mathematics and to clear the doubts, every child needs to be under hands of an expert. Such guidance can help the child to escape from the subject phobia, moreover child develops the confidence to solve variety of problems by himself. Thus child is able to relate such an important subject with real life and solve various real time situations correctly and accurately.  
Free Online Tutoring Chat is always available at many math tutors to support learners and guide them to solve their problem which is very economical method of getting problems solved. So child is able to open the website and proceed for online chatting with subject experts which are available online to solve the problems of students. These features are boon for the learners, which they are able to avail with advancement in technologies. They need not to search for guide and helpers. Software is so well designed that individual attention is paid to each and every child who uses online tutoring.
 These features are free of cost by math tutors. We only require to have computer with internet connection. Child is free to ask queries related to any grade and any topic of desired subject, irrespective of the doubt that his / her problem will be cleared or not. They are self explanatory and thus helps to develop the confidence level of the child.
Period Of A Wave can also be learned by the online tutors and various worksheets related to it can be solved. Icse Syllabus consist of this topic in grade X and XII. We can also download different question papers of previous years, which are available online. 

Friday, 24 August 2012

mathematical word problem help

In the previous post we have discussed about free online tutoring and In today's session we are going to discuss about mathematical word problem help. In mathematics various kind of calculative are specified in the form of equation, expression and some problem in the form of words. It means to say that mathematical problems can also be described in the form of words. Mathematical word problem is a collection of sentences that helps in describing a problem which needs to be solve. There are various kinds of websites available that provide word problem help in solving mathematical problem. These concepts help the students to easily understand the word problem and also learn how to solve them.
When we are going to solve mathematical word problem then we need to remember some of the points that can help in understanding the concept of word problem. According to word problem help we first required to clearly understand or read the problem. When we perform a deal with word problem then in next step translate the word problem into mathematical equation. The process of translating word problem into mathematical expression we need to convert sentences into equation line by line then make a focus on keyword, symbols which indicates mathematical operations for performing any particular tasks.
There are many such kind of mathematical tools are also available like online tutor, tutorial material that can helps in understanding and solving mathematical problem in an easier manner. In schools, the process of learning or dealing with word problem is started from grade fifth. Due to this practices students gets experienced in solving mathematical word problem. Some easy steps for Word problem solutions are:
I ) Properly understand the given word problem.
II ) After that translate the word problem into mathematical expression line by line.
III ) In last step arrange them in proper order of mathematical operations.

According to probability theory and study of statistics, we can define Relative Standard Deviation as a value which absolute in nature with the coefficient of variations. Central board of secondary education conducts an examination for grade 10th and 12th which is popularly known as cbse board papers.  

Thursday, 16 August 2012

free online tutoring

Sometime students facing a problem while solving a mathematical problems or getting stress before math test due to math subject. To overcome from these problem students required for extra preparation for math. In school, to provide extra time for students is not possible for teachers. Private tutors are not available all the time. Then a question arises, how a student makes their study better. The solution for this problem is available on various website which named as free online tutoring.
This is a type of tuition, which is provided through the medium of online. Sometime, it is also known E – online tuition that makes the study of all subject better. Free online tutoring is a new revolution in the field of study that introduces new age of learning to the students via online. Through this medium student can get better knowledge from any other kind of resources. E-tutoring provide a platform on which tutor and students can communicate to each other to solve their problems and understand the concept of mathematics. Online tutoring provides a tuition facility to the students without making any charge from the students. The tutor’s which clear all the doubts of the students are expertise in their field from more than 10 years.
Another most important advantage of this tuition is that they make a revision test to check the gaining power of the students before continuing their session. Students can also feel free to ask any question from the tutor here. These kinds of tuition facility are also available all the time. Here all the time refers to 24 * 7 hours. E – Tutoring mainly focus on overall development of student to perform well in the examination and in real life too. At the end, on the basis of student’s feedback they enhance their quality.
In chemistry, the word Quantitative Analysis refers to determine the quantity of any particular component in any given product. icse syllabus 2013 relates to the syllabus of different subject of different classes that are provided to the students.