Thursday, 31 May 2012

Order of Operations Worksheet

In the previous post we have discussed about number line worksheets
and In today's session we are going to discuss about Order of Operations Worksheet, For this we need to know the hierarchy is to be performed in order to get the accuracy in the output. To know more about the hierarchy, we must visit online Order Of Operations Worksheet, and thus it helps us to practice more about how the operations are performed.  Let us first discuss that why do we need to focus on the order of the operations to get the result of the given expressions.  If we do not follow the order of operations, then each time the expression is solved, we get the different result each time. Now if we follow the same set of pattern to solve the given expression then we will get same result every time.
 The order of operation to be followed for solving any mathematical expression is BODMAS.  Here we have:
 B for Bracket
O for OF operation
D for division
M for multiplication
A for Addition
S for Subtraction
 Thus we come to the conclusion that the   Brackets are to be solved first in the given expression, then we will solve the “of “operation in the expression if any. After this we perform the operation of Division followed by the operation of multiplication. After this addition operation in the expression is performed and at last we look for the subtraction operation if any exist in the expression. Thus globally we follow this order of the operation in order to get the solution for the mathematical expression which has more than one operation to be performed in it.

We also have Addition Worksheets online for learning about how to solve the expressions with addition operation. We also have Cbse Board Sample Papers for Class 8 available online to get the information about the pattern of the questions in the paper.

Friday, 25 May 2012

number line worksheets

To solve number line worksheets, we will first learn how to draw a number line and then we will learn how to plot the points on the number line. Once we have learned to plot the points on the number line, a child is able to learn the concept of addition, subtraction and comparison of the numbers on the number line.  To start with, we will first draw a straight line, with the marks on it at equal interval. Now we will observe that the number zero appears at the centre of the number line. The two ends of the number line are indicated by the arrows and the arrows indicate that the line extend endlessly in both the directions. On the right side of zero appears all the positive numbers and the negative numbers appears on the left side of the number line decreasing from zero. Another thing to be remembered is that the more we move towards right side of the number line , the numbers goes on increasing and the more we move towards left side of the number line, the  number goes on decreasing.  SO if we need to compare the two numbers with the help of the number line, we say that we will first mark the two numbers on the number line and then check which of the two numbers appear on the right. The number on the right side represents the larger number and the number on the left side represents the smaller number.  In the same way if we need to add some of the number to the given number, we move to the right and to subtract, we move to the left side.
 To get biology help based on the curriculum of ap board of secondary education, we need to  visit to its site online and update our self and In the next session we will discuss about Order of Operations Worksheet.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

fractional notation calculator

Previously we have discussed about area of equilateral triangle calculator and In today's session we are going to discuss about Fractional Notation Calculator, It will help the students for the study of 8th grade math, which will enhance the skills of the child to learn about the fractional notation.  We can find online information about cbse class 12 home science question bank which will guide the students to learn about the pattern of the paper in the fore coming examination. Now if we talk about the fractional notation, then we say that all the decimal numbers can be expressed in the form of the fraction numbers. So we simply have to remove the decimal and the number of digits after the decimal will be replaced by the power of 10 at the denominator.  Let’s look  at the following example :
1.23 can be written as 123 / 100. But here it is in the lowest form as it cannot be further divided into the lower form. (Know more about fraction in broad manner, here,)
 Similarly, we can take other numbers and see that the number can be converted into simpler form of the fraction number. So if we have the number 0.25, it can be written as: 0.25 = 25 / 100
On dividing the numerator and the denominator by 25 we get the fraction as ¼.
 Similarly we look at the percentage of any number and see how to convert it into the fractions. Suppose we need to convert 15 % in form of the fraction, then we say that 15% can be written as 15 / 100. Now we observe that   the HCF of the numerator and the denominator is 5, so we say that we divide the numerator and the denominator by 5 and we get 3 / 20.  So the percentage 15 % can be expressed as the fraction 3/20.
So the fraction notation convert will convert the various values which are either in the form of percent or decimal in the form of fraction numbers.
In the next session we will discuss about Simplifying Rational Expressions

and Read more maths topics of different grades such as how to solve inequalities with fractions in the upcoming sessions here.