Monday, 27 February 2012

Equations with no Solution

Friends, Previously we have discussed about area of an octagon calculator and today we are going to discuss about the linear equations with no solution which is a part of ap state board of secondary education. Before I start first I will tell you about what is linear equation and solving linear equations. A linear equation is an algebraic equation which consists of a term that can be a single variable and constant or product of constants. A linear equation may have more than one variable.
A linear equation can have no solution. For instance:
0x + 2 = 5; here in this given linear equation since 0 is multiplied by x so this will result in a 0. And 0 + 2 is not equals to 5, so from this we can say that any linear equation has a zero as the coefficient of x will not give any solution. Such equations are known as Equations with no Solution.
Whenever we start solving an equation, we always try to make its simplest form. We always start with an assumption that the equation is having an actual solution. We try to solve it and when we end it with an uncertain and wrong answer then it indicates that our assumption was wrong and the equation has no solution. So the statement 2 = 5 in above example is false.
Let’s take one more example: Solve the equation      12 + 5x – 9 = 7x + 5 – 3x
Solution: 12 + 5x – 9 = 7x + 5 – 3x       (given equation)
12 -9 – 5 = 7x –2 x – 5x          (simplify it)
-2 = 0  (Answer)
So the above example gave the result -2 = 0 that is not true; that means that this equation has no solution.(want to Learn more about Equations, click here),
So such equations which has 0 as a coefficient of the variable or the equations which give a wrong or false statement are always the Equations with no Solution.
In the next session we are going to discuss Equations with no Solution
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