Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Simplifying rational expressions

Friends! In this article we are going to see the way of solving any complex rational expression and why these rational expressions are said to be a complex type of mathematical problem. Those students who are perusing in 9th standard often face the rational expression problems. There are various online tutoring websites that offers several online solvers. These online solvers are generally computer coded program s which runs on the Internet platform. Online solver prefers when any math query is need to be solved with accurate result.

Rational expressions are the complex form of any fraction. So it is clear that this expression have numerator and denominator which are to be solved or convert it into common numerical form by eliminating the common factors from numerator and denominator. But unlike fractions, rational expressions include the various order polynomial functions whose conversion into normal form is also not an easy task, but eventually it has to be done to eliminate the common factors from the polynomial functions. To normalize the polynomials into factors, factorization technique is used which decomposes the single polynomial function into product of its linear factors. After having the rational expression in factor forms, mostly the same factors in numerators and denominator are canceled out, and the remaining equation is the solution of the rational expression.

While simplifying rational expressions, students of class 9th has to remember that the value of polynomial variable must satisfy the following condition which is as:

if F(x) is a function then for any value of x, F(x) should not be equal to zero.

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