Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tutorvista helps students in learning rational expressions

Hey! Friends today we are going to elaborate rational expressions, a simple topic of mathematics. Rational expressions are in the form of complex fractions so we will first talk about fractions in brief. Fractions are in form of P/Q or A/B where, A or P is numerator and Q or B is denominator. Fractions can be represented as ratios, decimal, or percentage. 
Whereas, in rational expressions the numerator and denominator consist of polynomial equations. Polynomial functions or equations consist of number of derivatives of variables it has. All the operations which can be applied on any fraction can also applied on rational expressions like division, multiplication, addition, etc.
While simplifying rational expressions, the first step includes factorization of numerator and denominator polynomials. This factorization process should be repeated by us until we reach the lowest level of polynomial factors. After this, cancel out all the common terms or factors from numerator and denominator. While solving rational expressions, we should be aware of one thing that the numerical value of variable in polynomial is not to be such that the whole polynomial gets zero, because if the denominator polynomial gets zero then expression will give infinity as answer. Let us take a simple example for this:
Suppose a rational expression is given as: (x + 1) / ( x – 2)
Here ‘x’ is variable and if x = 2 than denominator gives zero so ‘x’ should not be equal to ‘2’ for this rational expression.
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  1. Rational Numbers:-A rational number is a number that can be in the form p/q
    where p and q are integers and q is not equal to zero.So can you help me to find about irrational numbers and irrational number examples