Monday, 13 February 2012

Simplifying Rational Expressions

Hi students,Previously we have discussed about area of ellipse calculator and now I am going to discuss about Simplifying Rational Expressions which is a part of ap state secondary education board. The number, which can be expressed in the form of a/b, where a and b are both integers and b cannot be equal to 0 are called as rational numbers. Here a is termed as a numerator and b is termed as a denominator. Any single integer can be written in a fractional form by Solving Equations with Fractions. (Know more about Rational Expressions in broad manner, here,)
In this session, we shall be discussing algebra simplifying rational expressions. Let us take some examples to understand how to simplify rational expressions.
Example 1:- The given expression is 3y / y2 . How to simplifying the rational number?
Solution :-
step 1 :- 3*y / y*y
step 2 :- 3 / y
(this is a fraction expression. In this expression cancel the common value . For this expression numerator is 3y and denominator is y2. Thus we cancel the common term 'y' ).
Any single digit can be written as a rational number but denominator should not not zero.
Example 2:- Simplify the rational number 12.
Solution :-12 is a rational number because 12 can be rewritten as 12/1. Here 12 is the numerator and 1 is denominator value in which 1 is not equal to 0 and both are positive integer we can say that 12 is a rational number. Also it in simplest form.
Rule for addition of rational numbers:
If we are given, p/q+r/s to simplify, we write (p s+qr) / qs and then solve.

Some examples of addition of fractions:
Example :- (a+6)/3 +(a-9)/6
to solve the rational numbers.
solution :- step 1:- (a+6)*(6)+(3)*(a-9)/ 3 * 6
step 2:-(6a+36+3a-27) / 18
Step 3:-9a+9/18

In the next topic we are going to discuss Math Blog on Subtracting Rational Expressions and Read more maths topics of different grades such as Solving inequalities by addition and subtractions  in the upcoming sessions here.

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  1. What do you think Is 3.14 a rational number or not ? Please clear this doubt ? Your blog is much informative .