Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Having problem in learning Rational Number Try online help

Hello friend! Are you math phobic or always move away from math, then now,its the time to overcome your fear and say bye to all the worries related to mathematics. Thinking how is this possible? This is possible with the help of math teaching websites here, you find a large number of resources and help using all these and with little practice you will conquer your math fear and start enjoying this subject.
Today, I will make you familiar with rational numbers. A rational number is defined as a number that can be written as a simple fraction i.e as a ratio or any number that can be formed by dividing one integer by the other integer. The word rational is derived from the word “ratio”. As the term ratio is used here, lets see what is it? In mathematics, ratio is a relationship between two numbers of the same kind or used to compare two different things. A rational number is expressed as a fraction p/q where, p and q are integers and n ≠ 0. We have algebraic expressions in the same way we have rational expressions, which means that there is a fraction in which the numerator ans/or denominator are polynomials. Let's focus on few examples of rational expressions, 5/ (x-6), (x2– 1)/ (y2+1), etc.
As ratios are related to rational numbers in the same way ratios are also related to proportions. A proportion is a name given to two ratios that are equal. It can be expressed as:
w/x = y/z, here, it is showing two equal fractions
or w:x = y:z, in this we are using colon to represent proportion. When we solve proportions we use to do cross product or cross multiplication.
w:x = y:z is written as w * z = x * y.

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