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Online Solver simplify radical expressions

Rational expression is one of the most complex and a bit tough topic of mathematics syllabus. Before going in deep lets discuss about rational numbers. Rational number is basically an expression which can be written in the form of fraction like a/b. Here a is the numerator and b is a denominator. The most important thing to remember before simplifying a rational expression is that the denominator in a fraction can never be zero. Let's take an example to understand it better: the numbers 1/3 and -6/1 are rational numbers. A number 2 is also an expression as we can write it as 2/1 = 2 and any number in decimal form can also be written as a rational expression for example: 1.33 is a rational number: 1.33 = 133/100.
There are some theorems which tell us about rational expressions
First one is that any integer is a rational. For example a number n = n/1.
The another theorem is that in the representation of rational number as a fraction is not unique. Like 6/4 = 12/8 = -18/-12.
The third one is that every nonzero rational number or a rational that do not contain a 0 has a representation in lowest term.
Closure Property of Rational Number which tells us how can we multiply, divide and add rational expressions in mathematics.
x/y + a/b = xb + ay / yb and a/b divide c/d = ad/bc.
a/b x c/d = ac/bd.
Sometimes it becomes so difficult to solve rational expressions, as Online Solver is available for free which help us in solving rational problems and also tells us how to arrive an answer. For simplifying rational expressions, we must need to have a good factoring skills. It requires two steps in solving a rational expression. Factor the numerator and denominator is the first step and the second step is divide all common factors that the numerator and denominator have.

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