Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Online solver helps in Rational expression

Friends are you a maths phobic or afraid of mathematics problems, Don't worry Online Solver will help you in solving your complex mathematical problems. Friends when we are moving towards higher educations our mathematical problems become tougher and more complex. A daily practice will help you to get some confidence.
Now I am going to discuss about the Rational Expressions problems. Before proceeding further, let's talk about rational numbers. In simple mathematical manner we can say that a rational number is an expression which can be written as a fraction a/b. Here a is the numerator and b is a denominator. The most important thing to understand is that denominator can never be zero. Let's take an example to understand it better, The fraction 3/5 is rational expression. A number 5 is also a rational expression and we can write it in a form like 5/1.
A number 4.7 is also a number, we can also make it in a rational form : 47/10 further we can make it into mixed fraction.
Closure Property of Rational Number shows as:
x/y + a/b = xb + ay / yb and a/b divide c/d = ad/bc.
a/b x c/d = ac/bd.
For simplifying rational expressions , we must need to have a good factoring skills. It requires two steps in solving rational expressions. The first step is to factor the numerator and denominator. The second step to solve a given rational expression is to divide all common factors that the numerator and denominator have. Dividing a rational number is the most difficult part as it requires key skills. Now we are going to learn how can we divide a rational expression:
12/7 divide by9/14 then we need to take a reciprocal of 9/14 . The reciprocal of 9/14 is 14/9.
Multiply 12/7 with the reciprocal. 12/7 x 14/9 = 24/9 = 8/3 is the required answer.

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