Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Solve Rational Expressions with online help

Hi friends, before we move on rational expressions lets have a look on fractions. Ya, I know you are aware with fractions, but still I need to give a brief introduction of fractions as rational expressions are related to this only. Fractions are the part of any number in which we have numerator and denominator.  They are in form of a/b or p/q or l/m, etc. where denominator term should not be equal to zero. If this condition is not true then the fraction will result an infinite term. Now, rational expressions are defined as the ratio of two polynomial terms. Polynomial term is the sum of variables and exponent expressions. The operations that are performed on the regular fractions are also performed on rational expressions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and etc.
Simplification of rational expression is very simple. For simplifying rational expressions, first factor both the terms i.e numerator and denominator completely then reduce the expression by cancelling common factors. Simplifying of radical expression means taking the expression to such a limit from which it can’t reduce to other lower level. The simplification may include the addition, division and other operations. Let’s see how radical expression appears, 4x +3y /   3x +7y, 9x – 8 /9 , etc.
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  1. 2x-3y+3x+4y
    _____ _____
    3z 3z

    could you pls..answer this

  2. x+y + 5x-2y
    x-6 x-6

    pls..answer i need it now