Saturday, 9 June 2012

Fraction to Percent Calculator

In the previous post we have discussed about How to use Dividing Fractions Calculator and In today's session we are going to discuss about Fraction to Percent Calculator.
We need to know about the fractions and the percent before we work on the Fraction to Percent Calculator. Fractions are the numbers which are expressed as numerator / denominator. Here both the numerators and the denominators are whole numbers and denominator is not equal to zero. Now if we look at percent, we say that percent means out of 100. So if we have to convert the fraction to percent, we need to change the denominator to 100.  It can be done by two ways, one is by converting the fraction into its equivalent form such that the denominator becomes 100 and we will observe in the following examples, that it is not possible in some of the cases to make the denominator as 100. So the second method is to multiply the fraction by 100, we will get the result as the percentage.  In both the situations we get the same result. For instance if we have the fraction ¾ , we proceed by the first method to convert the denominator to 100, for this both the numerator and the denominator are multiplied by 25 and we get
 ( 3 * 25 ) / ( 4 * 25 )
= 75 / 100, thus it becomes 75 out of 100 and so we call it 75 %.
 On the other hand if the fraction is multiplied by 100, we get
= ( 3 / 4 ) * 100 %
= ( 3 * 100 ) / 4  %
 =  ( 3 * 25 ) %
= 75 %
So in both the cases we get the same percentage.

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