Monday, 25 June 2012

How to use Percentages Calculator

In the previous post we have discussed about What is Prime Factorization and In today's session we are going to discuss about How to use Percentages Calculator, In order to understand the concept of percentages calculator, we will learn how to convert the fraction number  or a decimal number in the form of the percentage. Let us first  look at the   given fraction say 2 / 5. Now in order to convert the given fraction number in the form of percentage, we will  make the denominator as 100. Here we observe that the denominator is 5, so in order to convert this denominator into 100, we will multiply the numerator and the denominator be 20 so that the given fraction number 2 / 5 is converted into its equivalent form such that the denominator becomes 100.
 So we write 2/ 5 = ( 2 * 20 ) / ( 5 * 20 )
= 40 / 100
 Thus we concluded that 2 out of 5 also means 40 out of 100. So it is termed as 40 percent or 40%
Now we will take any decimal number say 2.5
This 2.5 can also be written as 25 / 10, which is in the form of the fraction.
 Now in order to make the denominator 100, we will multiply the numerator and the denominator by 10, such that the fraction now becomes :
25 * 10 / ( 10 * 10 )
= 250 / 100
 Thus we call it 250 %
 Similarly if we have the decimal number as 0.57, we can write it in the form of  57 / 100
 So it will be 57 %
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