Monday, 4 June 2012

How to solve Scientific Notation Worksheet

 In today's session we are going to discuss about How to solve Scientific Notation WorksheetWe say that the scientific notation is the method of representing the data , which is commonly used by the scientists to represent very large amount of data or very  small amount of data  so that the processing and the scientific calculations of the numbers becomes easy and  scientists are able to process them to get the relevant output. We can always use the scientific notation to represent the very long figures, which we feel   that is difficult to read and process otherwise. We can look online for Scientific Notation Worksheet, to learn how to write the numbers in the form of scientific Notation. In order to convert the simple natural numbers, or the decimal numbers in form of scientific notation, we will express the number in the form of decimal and  the whole number should be always less than or equal to 9. So if we have a number 1234 , and we need to express this number in the form of scientific notation , then we write the same number as follows :    1.234 * 10>-3
In the same way if we have the number 12.54 and we need to convert it into scientific notation, we write:  1.254 * 10>1
Thus our purpose is to convert the decimal number in the form, such that there exist only one digit before the decimal. To bring the given number in this form, we will convert the number by multiplying or dividing the number by the power of 10.
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