Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How to Solve Percent Off Calculator

In the previous post we have discussed about How to use Percentages Calculator and In today's session we are going to discuss about Percent Off Calculator, We will first start with the term percent. It clearly means per hundred, so if we are going to  learn about how to find the percentage of the given value, it clearly means that we want to bring it to the standard scale of 100.
If a child is awarded 20 marks out of 25, it will not make us clear how much percent has he scored, so to find the percentage of marks scored , we need to convert the scale of measurement , which is 25 to the scale of 100.
For this we proceed as follows :
First method is to change the denominator of 20 / 25 to 100, in this method we will simply multiply the numerator and the denominator  by 4. Thus it becomes :
( 20 * 4 ) / ( 25 * 4 )
= 80 / 100, thus the percentage will be 80 % as we call it 80 out of 100.
 In the next method, we are simply going to multiply the given fraction by 100 and we come out with the percentage. SO here again we tr to find the percentage of the same score by another method and we will observe that the result in both the cases will be same.
 (20/ 25 ) * 100
= 20 * 100 / 4
= 20 * 4
= 80 %
Percent Off Calculator, which is available online can help us to make the concepts related to percent clear.
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