Friday, 15 June 2012

How to learn Rational Number

Rational number is a very common number in mathematics and is used very frequently in applications of science, computers, engineering, etc.
Rational number is a type of number which can be represented in the form of a fraction like p/q, where p and q are integers and q is not equal to zero. We denote the set of rational number using a boldface or Unicode Q which is meant for quotient.
As we know that the denominator q can be equal to anything but not zero, so q can also be equal to 1 and because of this all the integers are rational numbers.
One important and very interesting point about a rational number is that the decimal expansion of the rational number does one of the two things: either it terminates itself after the finite sequence of digits or it starts repeating the same sequence of digits over and again.
There is a real number which is totally opposite of the rational number, which means a number which cannot be written or expressed in the form of a quotient or fraction p/q, where p and q are integers and q is equal to zero is known as irrational number.  (know more about Rational number, here)
The same point about the rational numbers goes wrong in case of irrational numbers and which is that the decimal expansion of an irrational number neither terminates itself ever nor it repeats the same sequence of digits again and again.
Rational numbers are quite dense in real numbers. We can prove that almost all the real numbers are irrational numbers: we know that we can easily count total number of rational numbers or they are countable but irrational numbers are uncountable in nature and since the real number line is consist of two types of numbers: rational numbers and irrational numbers, so we can say that almost all the real numbers are irrational.
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  1. In mathematics, a rational number is any number that can be expressed as the quotient or fraction p/q of two integers, with the denominator q not equal to zero.What is a Rational Number